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TDF Logs · March 21, 2019
Prada to buy 19.6% in Sitoy IPO
TDF Logs · February 08, 2019
Auratic China Lady porcelain 280ml 3 piece set as seen showcased during the G20 summit in Hangzhou. TDF has 3 pieces available. VERY RARE COLLECTIBLE. 💵 999
TDF Logs · February 02, 2019
Search by type: Moments String keyword algorithm: Sample: Kors crossbody shop Designer name+item description+shop NOTE: Remember to always include SHOP at the end of the search string Viola!!
TDF Logs · October 09, 2018
TDF Logs · October 05, 2018
A very informative article on the reality of fashion tags If a handbag is stamped “made in Italy,” it may seem safe to assume that it is, well, entirely made in Italy. But it’s not so simple. Patricia Jurewicz directs the Responsible Sourcing Network, an organization that advocates for more transparency in supply chains. She says, “It's extremely difficult to understand what companies are doing and how they have their products manufactured.” In the U.S., there are some laws covering...
TDF Logs · October 05, 2018
Burberry burns millions of unsold stocks. Luxury clothing brand Burberry burned $37.8 million worth of its pricey trench coats, bags and perfumes last year to prevent them from being stolen or sold to the “wrong people,” according to The Times of London. Burberry’s annual report shows that the London-based company incinerated $1,800 trench coats and $250 polo shirts among the $13.76 million in beauty products, and $24 million in ready-to-wear products and accessories it destroyed....
TDF Logs · October 04, 2018 Yara Shahidi is one of those stars who seems like she can do it all. Not only does the 18-year-old star in the hit ABC show Grown-ish, but she's also found time to launch a nationwide voter registration initiative, Eighteen x 18, to inspire young adults to get involved. Another thing that we love about Yara? She has an amazing sense of style that's unlike any other.
TDF Logs · March 03, 2018