Prada making fashion in China

Prada making fashion in China - Wall street Journal .. Kudos for being transparent. đŸ‡¨đŸ‡³ FTW

If you know something about Prada, you would agree that as an unspoken fact, Prada has many of its diffusion products such as the Tessuto nylon bags, Sport shoes and clothing made in China for years. Many people, however, still have the illusion that less accessible products such as its popular Saffiano Lux Tote and Vitello Daino leather goods are exclusively made in Italy. 

It's time to wake up! Since one of Prada's OEMs in China was listed publicly in 2011, the factory has started to disclose it has been making handbags for Prada for decades. Even Saffiano and Vitello Daino are no exceptions. 

The following image shows the origin tag on a very recent Vitello Daino bags explicitly stating "Made In China". Also a little bit reverse psychology here, a counterfeiter would least want to make a bag that says "Made In China" because of the negative associations. In fact they would go so far to say a bag is "Made in Milan" just to make it look more legit.